The Society has many thousands of photographs and artefacts connected with village life over the past 150 years.

We are pleased to try and answer questions relating to the people of Whimple, it's history or past events.
We have a large archive of ephemera and artefacts but they are not yet stored under one roof which means we may not be able to answer your query immediately. If you wish to contact us then please go to the Contact page.
Archive information is free of charge but a donation towards their maintenance is always greatly appreciated

If you are reseaching family history, we have provided some useful links below

Digital Records
The task of electronically recording our archives has now been under way for nearly eleven years. We shall also have digital images of our artefacts - eventually!  It is a mammoth and ongoing task especially when being undertaken on a volunteer basis. However, it is hoped that we can eventually make some of our records available for online retrieval from our website.

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