Book of Commemorative Gifts
The Book of Commemorative Gifts is a handsome , handmade leather bound volume with gilded pages which has been presented by Mrs Florence Stone in memory of her husband , and founder member Ken, with a view to providing a source of funds to house the collection and further work of the Society.
The Object of the book is to make available a means of recording a lasting personal memorial or commemoration of a specific event which holds esteem for the donor. The book is exhibited at each Society function and will eventually be on permanent display at the Heritage Centre. Entries are made in artistic caligraphy.

Financial gifts can be made through entries in the Book which is available for contributions of a more specific nature. There is no scale of charges and the size of donation is left to the discretion of the donor. However, a taxpayer making a donation of £250 or more will attract a refund of tax to the Society by the Inland Revenue. This 'Gift Aid ' scheme will not present the contributor with any inconvenience as the Treasurer will complete the small amount of paperwork necessary. The amount of an individual gift is not disclosed to anyone apart from the Treasurer and the Society's auditor.

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